The art and science of teeth whitening – a rock and roll journey

Join Prem Sehmi on Wednesday 19 April 2023 as he discusses the art and science of teeth whitening – a rock and roll journey.

The aim of this webinar is to gain a good understanding of the science behind whitening, elaborate on the Boutique Whitening protocols and give confidence to all members of the dental team when discussing and delivering teeth whitening.

Learning outcomes

  • Establish the law in the UK regarding tooth whitening
  • Discuss the dimensions of colour and shade taking
  • Elaborate on the tooth whitening consultation
  • Identify different types of tooth discolouration
  • Explore the different types of tooth whitening available on the market
  • Explain how tooth whitening works
  • Provide information on the different types of tooth whitening gel and clear indications for which whitening gel to use
  • Elaborate on informed consent for tooth whitening
  • Discuss the Boutique Whitening step-by-step tooth whitening protocol
  • Discuss the tooth whitening review
  • Understand the process of internal tooth whitening and deliver our full protocol
  • Examine common issues with tooth whitening, and how to address these.

Prem Sehmi

Prem graduated from Birmingham Dental School in 2003. After an extremely short clinical career, Prem embarked on several ventures.

He went on to own and sell a 17 practice corporate and founded Academy of Clinical Excellence – the largest postgraduate training school in the UK at the time.

He also founded TBR Implants UK and Walrus Design House, a design and print agency, both of which he has now sold.

As well as this, he is the CEO of BDS Dental Laboratory, Quick Straight Teeth, and Boutique Whitening.

Boutique is the UK’s largest whitening brand and now sells in 26 countries with offices in Australia and the USA.

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