Laser focused – an introduction to regenerative dentistry course

Laser focused – an introduction to regenerative dentistry course

Professor Dr Reem Hanna at UCL Eastman Dental Institute talks through her unique course on the ‘revolutionary’ use of laser technology in dentistry.

Dr Reem Hanna is an Honorary Associate Professor at UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London, where she is an academic educator, director, coordinator and lead of the fellowship courses in laser dentistry and introductory course in regenerative dentistry.

She lectures nationally and internationally on the use of photobiomodulation, antimicrobial photodynamic therapy and surgical lasers for various oral applications and diseases.

In March 2022, Professor Dr Hanna received a ‘Life Achievement Award’ from the European Medical Laser Association, recognising her valuable contributions to the laser community.

She is also a British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) executive board member and chair of BMLA Scientific Committee and Photobiomodulation Working Group, and a World Association Laser therapy (WALT) executive board member.

Dr Reem Hanna

In this interview, Dr Hanna explains why she decided to put together a two-day theoretical and hands-on course on regenerative dentistry encompassing dental implant dentistry, soft and hard tissue regeneration using standard GBR and laser therapy.

The course, which takes place in July 2023, at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London, will be presented in tandem with Professor Dr Nadja Nänni from the dental faculty at Zurich University, Switzerland.

Solid understanding

‘I have no doubt that many of the advanced implant courses on the market are advantageous in some ways,’ said Dr Hanna.

‘But it is crucial that general dental practitioners have a solid understanding of the basics of implant placement and restoration.

‘We are therefore providing beginner and intermediate clinicians in this field with details on how to deliver regenerative dentistry. We will be showing them how to use a high-tech technology called Helbo from German manufacturer Bredent medical Gmbh and Co. The company has a long and robust evidence-based science and practice platforms which can also hugely benefit our course participants.’

‘The Helbo tool delivers 660nm photonic energy to activate specific photosensitiser (methylene blue) to achieve an antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) effect, which is very important in pathogen reduction.

‘This ultimately plays a crucial role in avoiding complications of oral surgical interventions without the need for routine antibiotics and in decontaminating the implant and its surrounding area without jeopardising the integrity of the implant in cases of peri-implantitis.

‘We will expand on how Helbo helps to provide photobiomodulation (PBM) effect, thereby reducing post operative inflammation and accelerating bone regeneration.

‘By targeting the mitochondria and increasing the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblast cells, PBM supports bone-regenerative technique and enhances osseointegration of the implant.

‘Moreover, we will also cover that the PBM effects provided by Helbo help to alleviate pain postoperatively, thereby minimising the need for analgesics, and can reduce the amount of local anaesthetics needed. Participants will also be explained how PBM can accelerate wound healing by activating the proliferation of fibroblast cells which are responsible for wound repair.

Easy to use

‘My objective is that participants realise the benefits of using this novel regenerative therapy for aPDT and PBM. Once the optimal parameters are fully understood, Helbo is very easy to use and optimal clinical outcomes can be obtained, not only in implant dentistry but also in other clinical applications.

‘Patients’ feedback has also been impressive over the years, and they really appreciate how Helbo reduces the need for analgesics and makes them feel a lot less anxious. Participants will also leave the course with details of the most up to date regenerative biomaterials, their advantages and applications.

‘The course takes place on 7 and 8 July 2023 at the Eastman Dental Institute. This is the Centre of Excellence for postgraduate education and research.

‘We have 18 places on the course, and we will also have a waiting list for additional registrants.

‘Thanks to Bredent UK which is the company that supports us with the Helbo device. We will also have access to the Sky implant system. This is simple to use and enjoys long robust evidence-based science and practice.

Unique course

‘The procedures will be performed on phantom head, using models for both implant placement and sockets preservations, under direct supervision of the course instructors.

‘A forum will also be made available post event for any questions and advice. Bredent will provide support either remotely or in practice to oversee the first implants.

‘This course is unique in so many ways and I encourage practitioners to read more about the use of laser technology in dentistry, which has really been revolutionary.’

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