Expasyl Exact – providing excellent benefits with little risk

Acteon’s mission is to enable dental and medical professionals to provide the most effective, convenient, and comfortable care to millions of patients every day.

Their vision is to become the innovator most trusted by dental and medical professionals worldwide for comprehensive clinical treatment solutions.

As well as being known for equipment and digital solutions, Acteon also manufacturer several pharmaceutical products including Expasyl, the gingival retraction material for restorative procedures.

Following its success, Expasyl Exact was introduced offering a single dose that can be administered using a universal applicator gun.

Expasyl Exact paste provides excellent benefits with little risks. Its viscosity has been carefully calculated to open the sulcus effectively without damaging the epithelial attachment. The procedure is both safe and effective.

It generates a pressure that is 37 times less than cord (143 vs 5396 kPa). The epithelial attachment is preserved (the integrity of the epithelial attachment is no longer guaranteed above 2400 kPa).

The risk of gingival recession and bone resorption are reduced.

With Expasyl Exact, the preparation limits and emergence profile are fully accessible. By recording these two parameters, a perfectly adapted prosthesis in terms of mechanic and aesthetic expectations is achieved.

For more information call 0800 038 9840 option one or email [email protected].

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