Is Enlighten right for my patients?

Is Enlighten right for my patients?

We hear from Payman Langroudi about the Enlighten Professional Whitening system and what it can do for your patients.

Is any of this familiar?

  • You offer whitening to your patients but sometimes get underwhelming results
  • You know there is scope to do more but you are unsure on how to approach the conversation
  • You would love for your team to be onboard and talk to patients, but you are not sure how
  • You are not clear on how white teeth will go, how long it will take, how long it will last, how much sensitivity
  • You want your practice to stand out as a centre of excellence for minimally invasive and aesthetic dentistry.

With so many whitening options available, ranging from online to retail, we believe that all patients should have access to the state of the art when enquiring at the dentist.

Introducing Enlighten Evo4

The fourth evolution of the incredible Enlighten Professional Whitening system.

Results are groundbreaking

A deeper, longer lasting more beautiful outcome for any patient, irrespective of lifestyle or diet. Sensitivity is reduced, as is chair time with the entire treatment taking as little as 45 minutes

How do I explain it to patients

What’s the new protocol?

Condition, whiten, blast!

Three weeks at home:

Week one

  • Condition
  • Night.

Week two

  • Whiten
  • Night.

Week three

  • Blast
  • Day – one hour.

Enlighten includes new Evo4 whitening trays, Enlighten Serum and Enlighten White toothpastes desensitiser swabs, even impression materials. Everything you need to get the perfect result every time.

Get me certified (for free)

There are short and long form training videos and full certification webinar available with clinical and marketing tips. Get the education for free, it takes less than an hour and you become accredited.

What are dentists saying?

Even fresher gels

Our cold fulfilment strategy guarantees that gels go from factory to patient in a fraction of the time, temperature controlled throughout, providing pH neutral beautiful results with low sensitivity.

New thermally stable and sustainable packaging defines a new standard in the space.

More retentive trays

Legendary Enlighten trays have been improved even further with posterior stability built in.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your whitening service.

Call 0207 424 3270 for a chat or follow our socials @enlightensmiles on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Linkedin.

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