‘Absolutely no complaints’ – my loupe experience

Dr Craig Parker explains why loupes are essential for his implant work and why his pair stand out from the rest. 

Please introduce yourself

My name’s Craig Parker. I’m a dentist practising in Leeds and I’ve been qualified for more than 35 years.

I’ve got a special interest in dental implants. I work in the placement of dental implants but I do a little bit of restoration as well.

How long have you been working with loupes?

I’ve been working with loupes for as long as I’ve been practising really. So, which is over 30 years. I practised for about a year without loupes but around 30 years ago I put some on to scale and polish and thought they were amazing.

I’ve never taken them off since! They’re indispensable. I can’t imagine how people can be without them now. It doesn’t matter what stage they’re at in their career, I think everyone should be wearing loupes.

How did you first discover Q-Optics?

With Q-Optics, I went through a journey where I was doing most of my work through with an operating microscope for many, many years. I decided I wanted to step back to loupes because when I started limiting my practice to implant dentistry, I needed a wider field of vision.

The microscope was no longer really relevant for a lot of what I wanted to do.

Q-Optics were recommended and I knew the team at Swallow and had good service with everything else that they’ve done for me.

What led you to choosing Q-Optics loupes?

The loupes have always been comfortable and done what I need them to do. They worked, I could see through them and they’re not heavy.

But in all seriousness, one time I was walking through the practice and I let a door shut on my face whilst I was wearing them on my chest. They smashed a little!

I’m so dependent on the loupes, so I needed them sorting out as soon as possible. The team did just that!

Once you’ve had that level of service, you just trust them to sort out problems. Whenever there’s something that needs sorting or tweaking, they sort it out.

I’ve now got two pairs of Q-Optics loupes. So now if I smash them, I have a spare pair!

Have you been completely satisfied with your purchase?

I will say I have been completely satisfied. You want loupes to be comfortable and reliable. You want the illumination to be good and you want the light to work for it to be bright enough – and you don’t want the battery to run out too soon.

All these are important functional aspects of loupes that Q-Optics have.

Even little things like the little nose rests that go underneath. I’ve got absolutely no complaints. I think the Swallow team are great!

What differences have you noticed between Q-Optics and other loupes you have used?

I’ve only ever used one other brand – the first I used! – which were fine. That’s going back 30 years so materials and technical knowledge has moved on. Although with optical technology itself, it’s often the old tried and tested stuff that works best.

But back in the day they were okay. But I will say that Q-Optics gives you the image quality that you want!


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