Dental plans – an overhead you can reduce in three months

Dental plans – an overhead you can reduce in three months

We asked Emma Wilks of Patient Plan Direct how switching dental plan provider could be crucial to a practice quickly increasing its profitability and why practices should take the Simple Switch challenge.

It was Richard Branson that said, ‘Business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming’. It’s true that any business looking to evolve must be open to new opportunities and new ways of working to continue to increase revenues and improve profit.

This is perhaps why last year at Patient Plan Direct, we helped more practices than ever before to switch from another provider to work with us.

Having completed dozens of ‘Simple Switches’ in 2022 (the transfer of patient Direct Debits in the background, hassle-free), I’ve seen first-hand client practices who have saved thousands of pounds due to our lower admin fees.

Not only that but patient-drop off when switching has not been an issue. In fact, in the majority of instances, the practices I have worked with have gone on to grow their dental plans further following the switch.

This truly is an opportunity to switch, save and grow.

How does ‘Simple Switch’ work?

Historically, a change of dental plan provider required writing a letter to patients and asking them to complete a new direct debit mandate, which was a tedious process and could result in patient drop-off.

At Patient Plan Direct, our Simple Switch process transfers your patients’ direct debits from your existing provider to us in the background. No admin is required of your practice team. There is no action needed from your patients – it really is simple!

Just three months after starting the switch process, our clients benefit from a huge uplift in their bottom line. For some dental practice owners, this extra money in their pocket can be life-changing.

Why are your fees lower than other major plan providers?

Patient Plan Direct is well known as a low-cost plan provider as our admin fees are often two to three times less than other major plan providers. Our fees stay low because we provide highly focused solutions for our clients’ dental plans.

They don’t pay for extra services that may not be required or utilised, such as compliance, recruitment, or accreditations. Such ‘extras’ from other plan providers are all wrapped up in their administration fees, resulting in you paying higher costs.

This means that we enable our clients to retain more of their plan income when switching to us.

What I’m proud of is that even though our fees are that much lower, this doesn’t compromise on the customer service we provide to our clients, which is highly responsive. It’s one of the reasons why we have such a high client retention rate.

What is the Simple Switch challenge?

We are confident that we can save a practice thousands annually. So we encourage all practice owners to use our Savings Calculator online to see how much they could save by switching to Patient Plan Direct! It’s a real eye-opener.

What do your clients say about Simple Switch?

Principal dentist Helen Christie at St James Facial and Dental Aesthetics, shared her experience of switching to Patient Plan Direct using the Simple Switch process below. In her words, they were ‘shocked at how much they could save’.

How can practices find out more about Simple Switch?

For more information about Simple Switch fill out our online form here, and we will be in touch about how we can substantially improve your practice’s dental plans and profits.

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