Core Strengths – finding time to pause for thought

‘Taking a breath can be challenging’: Catherine Rutland highlights the importance of taking time for yourself to reset, reflect and grow.

Pausing for thought can be difficult to do.

Because of the full-on nature of each individual day, you get pulled from one thing to another. Before you know it, it’s time for bed!

However, it can also be because there are so many overarching things going on in your life that your brain finds it difficult to stop and not jump to something else that you’re working on or dealing with.

I find that December can be one of the worst months for this. There’s so much going on that taking a breath can be challenging!

Reflecting and dealing with the past

If I’m honest, it’s the times when I find the most excuses not to pause that I need it the most.

The concept of pausing and working out priorities or ethical challenges or dealing with things that have caused emotional upset can be hidden away by giving yourself the excuse that you don’t have time to deal with it.

But the reality is you need to give yourself permission to take time and not be scared of what allowing yourself to think may uncover.

Even if things are rolling along well, taking time to stop and reflect can show ways that things can be done even better. Or more efficiently.

There’s a reason the phrase ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’ came into existence and survived!

Dog walks and quiet

I often use the time on a dog walk to pause for thought. But I’ve realised recently I can’t do it when the dog is on a lead!

Following a routine operation, I had to walk her on a lead for several weeks. I suddenly found myself wondering why I was a little more unsettled than usual.

It was only when I was told I had to walk her on lead for another week that I got a horrible sinking feeling and realised what I was missing.

I needed to find another time to pause for thought in my daily routine until she was recovered enough to be off the lead!

Give yourself permission to find time to pause. And if we can fit it into our daily routine, like any part of a routine, it will become easier to do.

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