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Adapting to the season of change
With the changing of the seasons, this month Nadia Ahmed discusses how to navigate change and the importance of creating…
Are you living in alignment with your values?
This month, Nadia Ahmed discusses the importance of understanding your core values and living in alignment with them. A value…
Alignment: it’s more than straightening teeth
In the first of her brand new life coaching column, Nadia Ahmed discusses the importance of living in alignment with…
Core Strengths – finding time to pause for thought
‘Taking a breath can be challenging’: Catherine Rutland highlights the importance of taking time for yourself to reset, reflect and…
How to build your confidence as a dental technician
Beth Brown discusses the correct mindset for a dental technician, how to build your confidence and her advice for other…
Contemporary Hygienists – the importance of being assertive
How assertive are you? This month Claire Berry and Faye Donald discuss the benefits of developing an assertive communication style…
Oral health
Do you have the right mindset?
Mindset suggests we are set in our way of thinking about things, but instead we should remain open and fluid,…
How to grow through what you go through and empower your mindset
Dr Alaa Ati talks about taking on life’s hurdles, maintaining a balanced mindset and why it is important to trust…
The power of positivity within the practice
Every day in your practice you are influencing people positively and being influenced yourself without realising it, says Barry Oulton.…
Oral health
Shining a light on mindset in dentistry
Tracy Stuart shares with readers her perspective on the importance of mindset, how she has used it to overcome some…
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