Free ebook: aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatments

 Free Ebook: aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatmentsDive into virtual smile designing as a tool for planning a treatment and for driving engagement and patient empowerment.

As a bonus, it includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to use 3shape Smile Design software.

As patient demand for cosmetic procedures continues to skyrocket, Smile Design has begun to play a more prominent role in engaging patients and promoting treatment acceptance.

In this ebook, we look at the smile design workflow with a step-by-step tutorial. We also examine why, in the words of Dr Edouard Lanoiselée, smile designing helps you to better communicate with patients and labs while leading to more accurate treatment results.

Getting patients onboard

Dr Lars Christensen, a UK orthodontist, jokingly describes how he used to contort his fingers to illustrate malocclusion for a patient. Now he just simulates the orthodontic treatment for his patients on a big screen TV, courtesy of his digital orthodontic software and intraoral scanner.

Likewise, tools like smile design, are making it easier to get patients enthusiastically onboard for a treatment. But just as importantly, they also enable the doctor to meet the growing demand for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments by patients.

Instead of the doctor saying, ‘sure, we can put veneers on your anterior teeth’. The doctor can now say, ‘sure, we can do that. Let’s see how it would look like first’. Or, as Dr. Maria Jackson states when she proposes a treatment up on the big screen, ‘it’s like a test drive for the patient’.

With digital dentistry, doctors can plan and simulate treatments.

3shape Trios Smile Design is the digital smile design application from 3shape the provider of Trios intraoral scanners. It efficiently simulates both upper and lower teeth giving patients a complete picture of their potential future smile. Here are the key aspects of 3shape Smile Design:

  1. Photo-realistic designs of the patient’s smile
  2. Simulation of both upper and lower jaws
  3. Simulation of a whitening treatment
  4. Connectivity to labs for sending scans and designs through 3shape Communicate
  5. Possibility to export design with the clinic’s branding
  6. Share designs with patients via the my3shape app.

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