Is fear of change holding you back from finding a good deal?

Is fear of change holding you back from finding a good deal?

Practice Plan regional support manager, Amy Hansford, explores the disadvantages of having an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude to running a private practice.

Are you suffering from metathesiophobia? In case you weren’t aware, that’s the fear of change, or a phobia that causes people to avoid changing their circumstances due to being extremely afraid of the unknown.

Some humans are hard wired to be resistant to change. A survey (https://www.freeagent/company/press-room/fear-of-change-resrearch/) carried out in Britain in 2019 found more than 70% of respondents said they didn’t like change of any sort in their lives, and more than 25% were ‘panicked’ by change.

We like that which is familiar and can become uncomfortable when things are not the same as they used to be. This fear of change can permeate all aspects of our lives from managing our money (being reluctant to sign up for online banking or using chip and PIN) to our brand of tea.

Being comfortable is important, however, rejecting change can have a detrimental effect. Around eight in ten of the people surveyed believed they had missed out on great opportunities in the past because they were unadventurous; had failed to make a change.

Friendly advice

In business, it’s healthy to reassess what you’re doing and to see if there are opportunities to do things better. For example, with dental membership plan providers, there may be some, like Practice Plan, where you get a lot more than just someone to collect your money each month.

When you switch to Practice Plan, you’ll be assigned one of our 25 regional support managers (RSMs) to help offer you support, not only with running the plan, but with running a dental practice.

They’ll get to know you and your business and be around to offer friendly advice when you need it, so you don’t have to make this change all on your own.

At Practice Plan we understand that it’s your business, not ours. This is why it’s your name on the plan, so you’re at the centre of everything. You’ll be able to track what’s happening with your plan in real time through our online service portal which means you’re in control of what’s happening.

You’ll also get access to an online resource and learning hub where you can find courses and articles that you can study at a time that’s convenient to you. Any new starters in your team can also use the online training so you can get them up to speed as soon as possible.

Time well spent

If you do decide to switch, you’ll also be invited to exclusive events including workshops and webinars. Practice Plan works with some of the industry’s leading consultants to deliver engaging and informative sessions that get great feedback from attendees.

Some of our sessions also count towards CPD, so it’s time well spent!

Transferring your patients across couldn’t be simpler with our Easy Switch bulk transfer method. It’s as easy as one, two, three. First, we create a plan together with realistic timescales, next we agree the date, then you inform your patients, and we do the rest!

All your patients’ data is transferred seamlessly behind the scenes with no need for them to do anything. They won’t notice any difference other than the plan is branded to your practice. So, if some of your patients are metathesiophobic, it shouldn’t scare them too much!

If, once you decide to switch provider, you feel a little easier about change per se, you might want to take the opportunity to refresh your brand.

Our practice marketing team can help you with that. However, if that’s one change too many at this stage, you can always take advantage of it at a later date when you feel ready. Remember, it’s your business, so we won’t push you to do anything that doesn’t suit you.

Change of any sort takes time and management. If you are looking for a provider who will hold your hand through the process of switching whilst moving at a pace that’s right for you, why not start the conversation with Practice Plan on 01691 684165.

For more information visit the Practice Plan website

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