Give your teeth a festive treat this Christmas with Biomin F

Give your teeth a festive treat this Christmas with Biomin F

Christmas is coming – and with it all the festive sweets, wine and treats so many of us enjoy. Regular brushing with Biomin F will protect your teeth from sugary attack and keep them looking strong and white right through the party season.

It will soon be Christmas, and as the party season gets underway most of us are looking forward to getting together with friends and family – and enjoying all the usual festive treats.

What most of us don’t consider, though, is the effect that all those party snacks, chocolates and Christmas fizz can have on our teeth, especially when nibbling on canapes and sipping drinks over a long evening out celebrating.

Exposure over time to the acids in these foods and drinks starts softening the dental enamel, the first stage of the tooth decay process. Eating a lot of sweet substances can also trigger dentine hypersensitivity, potentially making a festive night out a real pain.

This is where regular brushing with Biomin F toothpaste Biomin Toothpaste – Armour for Teeth | Biomin Technologies Limited | Armour for Teeth can be your ‘Little Helper’ over the Christmas period and beyond.

Biomin F has been proven in trials to be more effective than regular fluoride toothpastes at replenishing lost or damaged tooth enamel, hardening the surface, and depositing fluorapatite (FAP) to restore the enamel surface.

In addition, the tiny particles of Biomin F are able to enter the dentinal tubules, gradually plugging them and preventing the fluid movement that triggers sensitivity.

How Biomin works

When you brush with Biomin F toothpaste, the paste adheres to the tooth surface where it starts to dissolve. Unlike regular toothpastes, which are rinsed away by saliva in around an hour, Biomin F stays in place and dissolves gradually for up to 12 hours, releasing calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions.

These ions work with the saliva in the mouth to form FAP, which closely resembles natural tooth mineral. FAP is deposited on the tooth surface and inside the dentinal tubules, forming a kind of ‘armour’ to protect the teeth and actually reverse the process of demineralisation.

Biomin’s unique bioactive technology also has an additional ‘smart’ feature. As you eat a chocolate or drink a glass of bubbly, the pH in your mouth lowers, triggering the Biomin particles to start dissolving faster.

Extra bit of sparkle

This raises the pH in your mouth, reducing the effect of the acid, while at the same time releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride which get to work providing even greater protection when you need it most.

And as its effects last for up to 12 hours, brushing with Biomin twice a day gives you the ultimate protection from those impromptu party nibbles – or for children who snack or ‘graze’ during the day.

The benefits are visible too – patients and professionals alike have commented that regular brushing with Biomin F can result in teeth looking stronger and whiter as the enamel is remineralised. An added benefit for your party look.

Biomin F is not tested on animals and is suitable for those on a vegan and halal diet, so you can feel good about its ethical credentials. It also has a CE mark. This is an internationally recognised symbol proving that the product lives up to its claims.

So if you want to give your teeth an extra bit of sparkle for Christmas, and protect them at the same time, treat them to a tube of Biomin F. You can feel secure that you are using a fully tested and evidence-based product to keep your mouth protected while you are out celebrating.

Merry Christmas from all at Biomin Technologies!

If you don’t want to use a fluoride toothpaste, Biomin C is available, based on calcium and phosphate, and to treat your little ones there is Biomin F for Kids, in child-friendly melon or strawberry flavours.

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