What it takes to make a successful transition from NHS to private

Join Janice Charlton, Rohit Patel and Minal Patel on Thursday 17 November as they discuss what it takes to make a successful transition from NHS to private.

Moving away from the NHS to private dentistry is a significant decision and one that requires detailed analysis and planning, ensuring any transition (partial or full) is a success for you, your team and your patients.

The appetite for exploring the transition to private has never been as prevalent.

In this webinar, we’ll cover why now may be the best time to make the move, how we can support your practice in assessing whether the move is the right strategy, and the key steps to ensure a successful transition.

Janice, from Patient Plan Direct, is joined by Minal and Rohit from High Street Dental Evesham, who completed a highly successful NHS to private transition earlier in 2022.

Learning outcomes

The speakers will cover:

  • Why now is a good time to consider the transition
  • How to conduct a viability and financial analysis to plan for a successful transition
  • How to ensure the practice team is fully engaged with the change
  • How to communicate the change to patients
  • How Patient Plan Direct can help with every step of the journey
  • Why working with Patient Plan Direct will ensure you retain more income versus working with other providers.

Janice Charlton

Janice is the head of business development at plan provider, Patient Plan Direct. She has worked in dentistry for over 30 years.

She previously managed and co-owned a busy NHS practice. As well as this, in 1991 the practice was one of the first in the UK to convert to private by introducing a membership plan.

Over the course of the next two decades, Janice has worked for several other plan providers, before joining the Patient Plan Direct team in 2015.

She has also supported hundreds of practices with successful NHS conversions.

Rohit Patel

Rohit is the business manager at High Dental Practice Evesham.

He plays a vital role in managing the practice operations. In addition, Rohit played a pivotal role in making the decision to switch from NHS to private with the support of Patient Plan Direct.

He was also heavily involved in the dealing with the patient enquiries and sign up after patients had been informed that the practice was moving out of the NHS.

Minal Patel

Minal graduated at the University of Birmingham in 2003. She has been at the High Dental Practice Evesham ever since, where she also now co-owns the practice with her husband and acts as principal dentist.

In addition, she is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry, with a particular interest in indirect restorations and oral surgery.

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