How to get more compliance from your teen patients

Here’s how to get more compliance from your teen patientsFor adolescents juggling academics and extracurriculars, keeping up with their treatment is just another chore — and they have enough homework already.

Treatment adjustments intervals, hygiene and compliance play crucial roles in their treatment progression, and those elements can all be controlled under one simple workflow.

By leveraging Dental Monitoring’s AI-powered solutions for remote monitoring, all three can be enhanced to ensure optimal treatment outcomes and consistent patient compliance.

Remote monitoring scans give orthodontists the ability to see exactly when, where and how a patients’ teeth are moving on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This unlocks a new level of clinical control for doctors, who can now dynamically adjust treatment intervals based on a patient’s
biological response.

Dental Monitoring uses AI-based scans to track more than 130 intraoral observations – including archwire sequences. This allows doctors to bring in patients only when they have reached a set clinical goal, which can be earlier or later than the standard intervals used in practices.

It means patients can make more progress with fewer appointments, and doctors can optimise chair time. When it comes to hygiene for fixed appliance teen patients, doctors often fight an uphill battle to ensure they are brushing effectively.

But with Dental Monitoring, poor hygiene is automatically detected by AI. Fixed appliance patients can receive a message with immediate feedback on a hygiene issue. Instead of waiting weeks for the next visit, they can automatically be notified when they fall off track with brushing.

Better accountability

Finally, Dental Monitoring’s solutions can drive patient compliance, ensuring teens using fixed appliances are accountable for keeping their treatment on track. As patients enter the bite correction phase, regularly wearing elastics is vital to keep up the pace of their treatment.

Now doctors can see exactly when patients have fallen off and can instantly alert them to start wearing elastics through Dental Monitoring’s in-app messaging instead of waiting weeks later when the problem may have aggravated.

In the same vein, Dental Monitoring has revolutionised management of emergencies. When patients have poking wires or debonded brackets, the problem can be detected and remedied right away before it becomes a hurdle to timely treatment.

As teen patients are more connected to technology than ever before, now is the best time to take advantage of digital solutions to keep them on top of their treatment.

An efficient treatment journey using Dental Monitoring’s intelligent solutions will not only improve the patient experience, but achieve a new standard of care and practice optimisation.

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