The answer is clear – Air to the Chair

‘Air to the Chair is a no-brainer’ – learn how to guarantee your practice is fully compliant in all aspects with this groundbreaking concept. 

Here’s the question – how can you guarantee the following for just £5 per week per chair?

  • New, bespoke air supply unit
  • 100% medical-grade, oil-free, bacteria-free air supply
  • Clinical, sound proofed casing to reduce noise
  • Free on-site support
  • Free installation
  • All certification provided (PSSR, HTM, etc)
  • Same/next day call out support
  • Annual servicing
  • One fixed monthly fee.

A lifeline for the practice

NR2 Dental Studio practice manager, Steph Phelp, found the solution in Air to the Chair for her practice when the condenser on their old compressor broke down.

She says: ‘We were stuck without a compressor and had to cancel the patients for the day. That alone had quite a financial impact on the practice, and obviously rearranging patients is not the best thing in the world.’

Indeed, it takes very little imagination to consider the end result of a machine fault or breakdown, causing upset and frustration for staff and patients alike.

Steph continues: ‘We were then looking at £8,000 to complete the purchase of a new one and pay for the servicing and certification that we required. I desperately needed to find an alternative solution, discovered Air to the Chair and realised that a compressor for £5 a week per chair, including all servicing and certification, was indeed the real deal!’

If further proof is needed…

Eighty six other practices – amounting to 540 chairs – have also signed up to this incredible service in the one year that it has been available, an extraordinary growth rate that proves the benefits of this groundbreaking concept.

Treating air like any other utility, for just £5 per chair per week, Air to the Chair is able to ensure a practice is fully compliant in all aspects:

  • Supplying PSSR written schemes
  • Ensuring staff and patient safety
  • Recording service history and providing air quality certification that guarantees accurate preparation for a CQC inspection…

…whilst providing peace of mind.

Service matters

The Air to the Chair team also knows that customer care matters, so not only do they ensure that they are always easy to contact, but their swift, national service means that their engineers are always available to help whenever necessary. In fact, next day delivery and installation are available, as is 24-hour breakdown support.

Steph can back up this claim from her own experiences: ‘Phil, the engineer, was able to fit the new compressor for us the day after we agreed to sign up for Air to the Chair.

‘We were then up and running within 20 minutes of him arriving, and he installed our old compressor as a backup should there ever be a time where Air of the Chair can’t get to us immediately to sort out any issue we might have.

‘We just wouldn’t go back. Air to the Chair is a no-brainer.’

Join the revolution

To find out more and join the growing number of dentists who have signed up to this unique and exceptional service.

Simply visit or email [email protected]

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