Dentistry Gym – pain isn’t what you think it is…

How much do you really understand about pain? This month, Khalil Hussein explores what it is, why it happens, and how best to deal with it if yourself or a patient is experiencing it.

Usually every month we go straight into the practical applications of how to deal with pain from being a dentist.

No, I’m not talking about the pain you feel when that perfect crown doesn’t fit! I’m talking about bodily pain.

Neck, back and everything in between.

As a dentist, I’m sure you’re familiar with pain. Most of your patients present in some form of pain when they come to see you.

But how much do you really understand about this phenomenon that plays such a big part in your career?

In this month’s edition of Dentistry Gym, we are taking a deep dive into what it is and why it happens.

Knowledge is power

Understanding it gives you more power. This is because it can shift your perspective to see pain as what it is: a great protector, rather than an evil demon that plagues our lives.

It can also help you with your patients, allowing you to learn how to better deal with them when they are in pain!

I’m sure you’ve had many patients who present with what they say is excruciating pain. Only for them to sit comfortably in the chair with no issues.

This doesn’t mean they are crazy, rather it means that their subjective experience is skewed.

Learning more about it can help you better manage and understand them. Which is always a win!

If you want to understand more about pain, watch the video above. Or send me a message on any of my social media platforms.

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