Dentistry Gym – escape shoulder pain from dentistry

Dentistry GymIn this month’s episode of Dentistry Gym, Khalil Hussein focuses on shoulder pain and ensuring full range of movement in our shoulders.

It’s amazing how little we realise the importance of our bodies. That is until we start to experience pain and it affects our lives.

Lower back pain is the most common cause of disability in the world. It accounts for more than the next five disabilities combined (heart problems, diabetes, and cancer fall into this list).

In musculoskeletal pain, neck pain is the second most common issue followed by shoulder pain at number three. So if you’re one of those people who has trouble, then you’re not alone. It is extremely common to experience all manner of issues.

Trouble lifting your arm to a certain height, trouble picking up objects, or even simply sleeping on your side can all be extremely difficult when you have shoulder problems. Rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, and dislocations are just a few of the issues I’m sure some of you reading this may have.

Dentistry Gym

One of the reasons why Dentistry Gym appealed to me when I started working with Dentistry is that it’s a good way to give people practical knowledge to help them better their lives.

Being married to a dentist and owning a dental practice I see firsthand the number of issues that happen to people in this field of work.

Dentistry Gym is an easy way to get stronger, feel better and live pain-free. It just requires some commitment each week to put in the work.

The body is an amazing piece of evolution. It adapts to what we do. So, if you do your exercises and progressively strengthen and stretch, it will respond by making your joints, muscles, and ligaments more robust.

Just like brushing your teeth, the body requires frequent looking after. Modern-day life is not kind to us. We are surrounded by sedentary work, ultra-processed food, and high levels of stress. All of these things have a detrimental effect on the body when they accumulate.

Do yourself a favour. Start using the Dentistry Gym to help you look after your body so that in the next 10 years you aren’t plagued by issues.

Shoulder rotation

In this month’s episode, we focus on shoulder rotation and a few other things.

The reason we focus on rotation is that the shoulder is a ball and socket joint. As such it requires healthy amounts of rotation to complete all movements.

Without adequate levels of rotation, you force the shoulder to find other ways to complete movement. This can lead to detrimental wear of the muscles and ligaments of the area, not to mention that it often affects neighbouring joints, such as the neck and shoulder blade.

For this class, we do need some form of weight or resistance. So if you don’t have access to a kettlebell then you can substitute it with a heavy water bottle or milk bottle.

As time goes on you may need to add more weight to make things harder. Remember we want to progressively make the body stronger. Sticking with the same weight for months on end won’t help you progress.

Slowly progressing yourself further will not only make you stronger but will also stop you from getting injured. Most injuries occur when someone with a bad shoulder tries to do too much too soon.

Take your time, build yourself up slowly and you’ll reap the rewards without the punishment.

This class is designed for viewers to carry it out with minimal equipment at home. We don’t use weights so these exercises are quite safe for most people.

However, before conducting any exercises please consult your GP or allied health therapist for guidance and advice about your own circumstances and whether these exercises are the right thing for you.

Always seek medical advice before starting any exercise program.

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