Biomin toothpaste donation sent to Ukraine

biomin donationBiomin worked with retired Manchester dentist, Roman Melnyk, to send a shipment of toothpaste to help people in Ukraine.

Dr Melnyk is currently coordinating supplies and resources to send to the front line in Ukraine.

Biomin Technologies supported his effort by donating almost 3,500 tubes of Biomin C and Biomin F for Kids, worth more than £20,000.

‘It’s a very generous gift,’ Dr Melynk said.

‘The paediatric toothpaste in particular is very useful for the refugees. Specialist paediatric toothpaste is not readily available in Ukraine.’

‘A bulk amount like this is very helpful because we know exactly what we can send.’

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Lives ‘devastated irreparably’

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain is currently appealing for several types of donations.

A Go Fund Me appeal has raised more than £2 million, whilst others offer more specialist medical kit.

Recently, 50 lorries set off for eastern Europe carrying aid for those caught up in the war.

‘It is a tragedy that so many lives are being devastated irreparably by this war,’ Biomin’s CEO, Richard Whatley, continues.

‘Whilst oral hygiene is not their highest priority, it is still very important to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

‘Hopefully this donation will help maintain oral health for some of them. Particularly the children caught up in this horror.’

Dental student flees Ukraine

The donations come as Dentistry hears from one dental student who fled Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Zohir Ali, from Bolton, explained how he was scared but said: ‘I knew I couldn’t let my emotions control me.’

He had been studying dentistry at Dnipro Medical Institute for three years when he was forced to escape the war.

‘We arrived at the Polish border and it was absolute madness,’ he said.

‘We managed to find shelter with a group of UK students who were studying at the same medical university as me.

‘People were sleeping on the floor – it was crowded. I witnessed men kissing their wives and children goodbye. They knew they had to go back and fight for their country. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a life for the next generation.’

Dr Melnyk is happy to act as a contact for anyone who wants to donate equipment or assistance in any way to the Ukrainian cause. His email address is [email protected].

For donations of money, please go to

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