The Zirkonzahn Culture: bar-supported bridges made of Prettau 2 Dispersive on four implants each

zirkonzahnFederico Presicci and Massimo Callerio present a recent implant case using the Prettau 2 Dispersive zirconia.

The patient presented to the dental practice with two removable prostheses and impaired residual dentition.

After complete tooth extraction, the dental team planned the new restoration based on 2D photos of the patient and scans of the removable prostheses.

The planned restoration consisted of two bar-supported zirconia full arches with gingival portion on four implants each.

Prettau 2 Dispersive zirconia was chosen in order to meet the patient’s wish of receiving a young smile with healthy, bright teeth.

A bright and fresh smile

Using the virtual libraries with sets of teeth and gingiva available in the Zirkonzahn Modifier software, and on the basis of the scanned prostheses, the dental technician first created a digital wax-up.

The wax-up was then imported into the Zirkonzahn Modellier design software, where the adjustment of the eight direct implant connections was performed for the fabrication of a prototype made of Prime resin.

After checking aesthetics and function, the prototype was scanned and then the two bars were designed individually, milled and digitised.

Subsequently, in the design software, parameters were adjusted to achieve a perfect fit of the secondary structures and a digital cutback was carried out in the vestibular area of anterior teeth.

At this stage, the two structures could be milled out of a Prettau 2 Dispersive A1 zirconia blank.

The zirconia is already provided with a natural colour gradient during the manufacturing process. However, for an even more individual result, after manual finishing the two structures were infiltrated with Colour Liquids Prettau Aquarell intensive colours.

In addition, the new Colour Liquid Prettau Aquarell Opaque was applied over the walls of bar seat, in order to increase opacity and prevent the bars from shining through the zirconia.

The two structures were slightly veneered with ICE ceramics on the gingival and non-functional areas and the bars were anodised in gold before cementation into the zirconia frameworks.

The finished restoration was then delivered to the dentist and the patient, who was fully satisfied with his new bright and fresh smile.

For more information and to read more case reports visit or follow Zirkonzahn on Youtube!

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