Transforming dental hygiene education

To get your hygiene room supercharged for the benefit of your patients, your team and your business’ bottom line, EMS and the Swiss Dental Academy are the ideal partners. Here’s why.

EMS and education partner, the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA), commits to fostering knowledge and skills by training and educating healthcare professionals.

In fact, given its unparalleled continuing education and training concept, the SDA is a key pacesetter in dental prophylaxis training.

Whether you want a Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) expert to come into your practice and give your team individualised information or would prefer the environment or a workshop to find out more, EMS and SDA are set up to help you succeed.

Education for professionals by professionals

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, SDA theory and practice courses are taught in terms of practice-oriented requirements.

Under the guidance of one of the UK’s incredible SDA trainers, delegates learn how to provide patients with this gentle and comfortable professional dental cleaning process.

Ultimately, the knowledge imparted offers delegates the opportunity to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. As well as improve job satisfaction.

Meet the SDA trainers

  • Claire Berry is a multi-award-winning hygienist, qualifying in 2009 from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh whilst serving in the army. She is committed to guiding patients to better oral health with the GBT protocol
  • Christina Chatfield is a dental hygienist, clinical director and owner of Dental Health Spa Ltd in Brighton. She is passionate about raising the profile of the dental hygienist and improving patient access to the dental team
  • Faye Donald is a dental hygienist with over 20 years’ experience. She currently works in general practice and is chair of the BSDHT north east regional group. Here she is actively involved in supporting her peers and driving forward standards within the dental industry
  • Amanda Gallie is a dental hygienist with over 15 years’ experience. She works for Bupa and the Community Dental Services part-time, treating anxious adults and children.
  • Lottie Manahan has been passionate about dentistry since her career began nearly 10 years ago. She is a dental hygienist and therapist. Nowadays she focuses on minimally invasive dentistry and prevention
  • Anna Middleton is a multi-award-winning dental hygienist. She is the founder of London Hygienist, which has a mission to change the way oral healthcare is delivered to patients
  • Jolene Pinder is a dental hygienist committed to the promotion of oral health. She is heavily involved in empowering and developing dental care professionals.
  • Sally Simpson trained as a dental hygienist in 1995 and as a dental therapist in 2002. She is currently chair of the BSDHT north west regional group and quality assures dental education
  • Benjamin Tighe not only practises full-time as a dental hygienist and therapist but is also a tutor dental therapist at The Eastman Dental Hospital.

In a class of their own

The GBT masterclass is a full-day course. It provides the theoretical knowledge to develop strategies for periodontal and implant maintenance. It looks at the components of the model, including Airflow, Perioflow and the advancements in ‘no pain’ Piezon technology.

In addtion, there are hands-on (on the full day) elements to some of these courses. They will combine theoretical knowledge and hands-on teaching.

What’s more, the SDA offers group courses throughout the UK. Plus you can arrange individual courses in your practice, alongside webinars and a Facebook group.

Upcoming events include:

  • 28 January in Liverpool with Sally Simpson
  • 12 February in Brighton with Christina Chatfield
  • 25 February in Braintree with Lottie Manahan
  • 12 March in Belfast with Sally Simpson
  • 30 April in Cambridge with Amanda Gallie
  • 20 May in London with Lottie Manahan
  • 25 May in Manchester with Claire Berry
  • 10 June in Glasgow with Jolene Pinder
  • 25 June in Exeter with Anna Middleton.

For further information and to book, visit

Certified for excellence

EMS’ bespoke training package for practices invested in the GBT protocol is to help maximise the success and potential of your GBT offering. It is therefore very much worth considering.

The training is tailor-made to your needs. You can host it in your own practice and with your whole team.

The training offers over six hours, again with one of our wonderful SDA trainers. They will cover everything from the patient journey to marketing. As well as in-depth clinical benefits and technical support.

Once your team’s training is complete, we invite you to become a GBT-certified practice. This offers exclusive strategies, hints and tips shared only with members.

Also available exclusively to certified members is inclusion in the GBT practice finder website at This is an exciting new tool for the public to search for their nearest GBT certified provider, to meet increasing demand for GBT in the UK.

The GBT protocol in eight simple steps

  1. Assess – probe and screen every clinical case
  2. Disclose – make biofilm visible
  3. Motivate – raise awareness and teach
  4. Airflow – remove biofilm, stains and early calculus
  5. Perioflow – remove biofilm in >4 to 9mm pockets
  6. Piezon no pain – remove remaining calculus
  7. Check – make your patient smile
  8. Recall – a healthy patient equals a happy patient.

The power of GBT

From our point of view, GBT is an integral element of the entire patient journey. It therefore has an important role to play in the overriding ambitions of any dental practice.

As multi-award-winning hygienist, Claire Berry, once said: ‘This idea that hygienists just scale and polish is history. Nowadays we are all set not only to help patients keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible, but also to support dentists’ treatment plans.’

GBT empowers dental hygienists and therapists to do exactly that. The reality is that the hygiene department is a great way to get referrals to the dentist for want or need-based treatment that only the dentist can perform. It thereby delivers both direct and indirect revenue.

Once a patient has come in for an affordable and value-driven oral hygiene treatment plan such as GBT that they were able to commit to immediately and trust and rapport has been built, it is an easy crossover between departments.

Happy and healthy patients, successful clinicians and passionate partners – this is our mission. We invite you to join us in changing the face of preventive dentistry in the UK.

Do you have what it takes to be an SDA trainer?

EMS Dental UK is also recruiting for six new SDA trainers.

These highly trained and committed individuals teach theory and hands-on courses in terms of practice-oriented requirements, based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Under the guidance of these experienced trainers, delegates learn how to provide their patients with the most gentle and comfortable professional dental cleaning using state-of-the-art technologies.

If you think you have what it takes to join this elite group, please apply by sending a CV as described below to Scott Rogers at [email protected] (education manager for EMS Dental UK) by midnight on 31 January 2022.

CV to include:

  • Your experience with GBT to date
  • Your training/lecturing experience
  • 300 words explaining how and why your experience would make you an exceptional addition to the SDA team.

An SDA trainer should commit to providing the highest quality of professional tooth cleaning. That is what EMS wants to learn about you. Therefore please give your application due consideration.

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