Avant Garde Digital Composite Veneers Course testimonial

Amy Hills discusses the Injection Mould Training Course she undertook as part of the Avant Garde training courses and explains how it’s changed her practice.

Amy Hills from Kingswood Parks Clinic in Hull attended the Avant Garde Digital Composite Veneers Course in early 2021.

She chose to attend this course to learn the injection mould technique and get into digital dentistry and the Avant Garde concepts.

The course ‘surpassed her expectation’ because you learn more than just the injection mould technique. This course goes through the entire patient workflow. From consultation to end of treatment. It also discusses the importance of data acquisition, and you will learn about the business side of dentistry.

Amy states that course has: ‘Been absolutely amazing, met some amazing people and I believe it’s been a huge value for money to me and my business’.

This course is also a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded ambitious dental professionals and companies.

‘Highly recommended’

Six months on we caught up with Amy to see how the course has impacted her clinic.

‘I’ve attended many composite courses over the years and enjoy using composite to change somebody’s confidence.

‘Bring a practice owner I wanted our clinic to offer the best and most predictable techniques in composite veneers. This led me to look into the Avant Garde course.

‘The reason I love this technique is the communication and support with the Dental Excellence Lab, creating dream smiles together for my patients and allowing the mock up stage for patients to really see and understand what they can achieve before going ahead.

‘I’ve been offering the Avant Garde protocol now for almost two years. It’s completely changed the way we work.

‘It’s seamless, smooth and most of all – the results speak for themselves.

‘Highly recommended.’

This course is now more accessible than ever. We are travelling across the UK to deliver our Injection Mould Training Course. Our next available location is Birmingham on the 25 February. To book click here.

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