Navigate your career move from NHS to private

Magdelena Harding shares her insights on what the key financial benefits are under the NHS.

Understanding the extent of the financial benefits you currently have under the NHS and how you’ll replace these is a huge step towards a financially secure move to private provision. Whether that is for you as an individual or converting your entire practice.

Magdelena Harding is a senior financial consultant for Wesleyan Financial Services.

She shares her insights on what the key financial benefits are under the NHS. As well as how you can replace them.

Dentistry is a multi-faceted career. It has multiple income streams and unique financial requirements as a result.

Seek advice from specialists

Leaving the NHS and moving to private practice is a big career change. It is also daunting from a financial perspective. But you don’t have to do it alone.

One of the common fears we hear about from dentists looking to move away from the NHS is that they may not be able to afford to. Sitting down with someone who understands your career can help paint a clear picture of what’s possible.

If you would like support understanding your financial provision ahead of moving from NHS to private, you can book a no-obligation financial review with a Wesleyan Financial services consultant.

Visit, or you can call 0800 316 3784.

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