BACD event – drive-in success

BACD eventWhat is the link between the BACD and Queen Elizabeth I losing a necklace under a tree?

Earlier this year, current president of the BACD, Dr Abrahams, suggested that staging an event with a distinct wow factor should be created to thank the organisation’s members for their unstinting support.

BACD director, Dr Shameek Popat, knew that with the recent unprecedented times, it was important to come up with an event setting that would not only be COVID safe, but could also morphed into a more intimate configuration should COVID restrictions change.

He has recently been to drive-in cinemas and felt this scenario could make for a memorable BACD event.

Unique event

Chenies Manor House in Buckinghamshire is a landmark property with beautiful grounds. It is the spectacular backdrop for many film productions.

The venue is also famous for hosting the launch of a spectacular line up of Porsche cars. Including Porsche 912 and the new all-electric Taycan. It also has links with Queen Elizabeth I, famously losing a necklace under its 1,000-year-old oak tree.

Dr Popat could not think of a better place to kick off the BACD educational calendar. With a drive-in event scheduled for the evening of Friday 3 September.

Previously, Dr Popat organised a lecture with Dr Christian Coachman on a yacht in Majorca. The world-renowned speaker was delighted to be invited to speak again. This time from his Madrid studio. Whilst delegates view him on a big screen, while sitting in a deckchair or in their cars and indulging in Indian street food, a pop up bar, live music and complimentary ice creams/candy floss delivered by servers on tricycles.

Aston Martin and DK Engineering will also bring exciting cars; including classical Porsches and Ferraris for guests to ‘play with’.

For delegates who prefer to stay in their cars, they will receive bluetooth speakers to hear the lecture. Whilst staff will deliver food and drinks to their cars.

Dr Popat will also bring his Tuk Tuk to offer rides around the ground to add to the fun of the evening.

‘Very generous’

Commenting about the event Dr Popat said: ‘All the event sponsors have been very generous. We have the best gift bags you can imagine for the delegates.

‘Philips, for example, produces some of the world’s most effective oral healthcare products. At the BACD we are all about health, as well as cosmetics. We’re really looking forward to seeing what Philips has in store for the oral healthcare market this year!

Given the BACD has a strong focus on ethical cosmetic dentistry, the BACD and Align Technology have naturally connected through this common goal. We continue to nurture this partnership. As delegates can see from Align’s support of this unique and special event.

‘Judging by the popularity of this event, I am delighted to see that everyone is keen on meeting and networking with their fellow colleagues.

‘So I am in particular looking forward to our annual conference in Edinburgh this November, which is also filling up quickly.

‘We still have a few places, so potential delegates shouldn’t leave it too long to book.’

Mel Pomphrett Philips’ professional relations manager adds: ‘Philips is so excited about the drive-in event and working closely with the BACD again. As well as at its conference in November.’

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