What are the benefits of A-dec LED dental lights?

Justin Hind discusses the benefits of the A-dec dental lights and explains why they are so useful for modern dental practices.

The A-dec LED lights actually use about a fifth of the power of a normal halogen light. They’re also approximately about 20% brighter.

They produce very little heat and there is no noise. There’s no fan coming from the light as well. 

The lights are very easy to position for the dentist to get in the perfect position that they need to use them in. 

What’s also very good about these lights is we test them to 40,000 hours, which is equivalent to 20 years of use, and we’ve not had a diode fail yet. 

There’s multiple mounting options for the chair and for the lights. So you can mount it on the chair, you can have a ceiling-mounted light or a wall-mounted light. It’s also key that you can turn that light on using the touchpads on the chair. As well as the buttons actually on the light head too. 

A-dec dental lights

A-dec 500 lights have a colour temperature of 5,000 degrees Kelvin, which is neutral white light. We also talk about the colour rendering index, which is the comparison of looking at a product in direct sunlight. This is rated from 0 to 100. Our light is rated at 94.

A very good feature on the light as well is the cure safe mode. When you’re carving your composite it actually filters out all of the blue lights so it gives you a longer working time. 

Another benefit of the light is when you’re putting your chair into position, the light comes on automatically. It then turns off automatically when you change the position of that chair. 

We also have three light intensities on the 500 light. These are 15,000, 25,000 and 30,000 lux. 

For more information on A-dec products, contact DD at [email protected].

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