What are the benefits of the A-dec 500 delivery system?

John Timson walks us through the A-dec 500 delivery system and explains some of the advantages when using this chair.

The A-dec 500 delivery system offers positive placement. That means wherever you put the delivery system, it will stay there in exactly that position throughout the treatment. 

The way it works is a capacitive touch handle. When you grab it, the air brake goes off. You can easily and ergonomically place the delivery system where you need it. Then when you remove your hand from the handle, it stays in that place. 

On the side of the delivery system are the LED light coolant indicators. When you pick one of the handpieces up, the LED light that corresponds to that handpiece will indicate showing you which handpieces you’re adjusting. This takes the guesswork out of it. 

The A-dec 500 delivery system has a four-position block as standard. And has six handpiece holders. This allows the user to integrate whichever options they want into the delivery system. 

Each of these handpiece holders will tilt forward and back, allowing the user to retrieve the handpiece in the most ergonomic way. 

The medical grade last touch pad can be moved left to right on the delivery system. It can be tilted forward and back to allow the user the best position for viewing the digital screen. 

In addition to this, users can move and remove the dynamic tray system with ease. 

For more information on A-dec dental stools, contact DD at [email protected].

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