Why would you choose an A-dec dental stool?

Justin Hind explains why the A-dec dental stool is so perfectly suited to dental professionals working all day in a busy dental surgery.

An A-dec dental stool, especially our 500 stool, has been designed specifically against the ergonomic white paper. So we’ve taken that white paper and broken it down to try and produce the most ergonomic tool that we can. 

In my opinion, the dental stool is one of the most important bits of equipment for the dentist. Because the dentist sits in that stool for six to eight hours a day. 

There is a way to sit in the stool, which seems quite strange. 

But we actually talk about how your hips should be higher than your knees. The stool should tilt forward to transfer some of your body weight from your seated position to your feet and you should have the back rest in a position that sits into your lower back to give you the S-shaped spine that you’re trying to get. So that it is a nice, comfortable environment for the dentist to work. 

For more information on A-dec dental stools, contact DD at [email protected].

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