Make your air supply as easy as your utilities!

air to the chairDentalair Utilities explains how its ‘Air to the Chair’ service will put your mind at ease when dealing with your air supply.

Running a dental practice is a juggling act that requires constant concentration. Not only is there the importance of providing exceptional patient care, but there’s also the admin and operational aspects to worry about. All of which can quickly add up to become a very time-consuming part of modern dentistry.

But what if there was an option to simplify some of the unnecessary stresses, such as looking after your air supply?

With Dentalair Utilities’ revolutionary new ‘Air to the Chair’ approach, you can completely remove the stress from air supply installation, maintenance and more. All for a bespoke, affordable monthly fee.

A few clicks are all it takes

Thanks to Dentalair Utilities’ innovative website, professionals can manage their air supply in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is select how many chairs require an air supply in your practice to instantly generate a tailored price that covers all of your needs. Priced at just £5 per week per chair, you can add additional services such as the safe removal of your existing air supply if necessary, for a seamless experience.

Throughout the purchasing journey you can speak directly to representatives via a live chat function. This is here in case you have any enquiries or want to find out more about the process. It ensures you’re fully informed before making any decisions.

The benefit of complete protection

Oftentimes, professionals will have separate maintenance services and breakdown cover to look after their equipment. This can fast become expensive. Especially if you experience an equipment breakdown and need to pay excess fees for a call out or for extra parts.

There’s also the fact that the breakdown services you currently use may have waiting lists. That means if your air supply were to fail, you’d potentially still have to close your practice for a significant length of time until the situation is fixed.

With Air to the Chair you have peace of mind. The experts take care of everything from installation to maintenance and breakdown cover.

The team will install your air supply whenever is most convenient for you at no extra cost. From this moment onwards, Dentalair Utilities’ comprehensive care will protect your air supply. It will be checked for air quality, receive regular maintenance and is covered by Dentalair Utilities’ swift, national breakdown cover.

Professionals who opt for Air to the Chair can contact Dentalair Utilities on its 24/7 support line in case of any problems. If contacted before 12pm, the team of expert engineers will be with you on the very same day!

Plus, if we can’t sort the issue with your air supply in one visit, the team will lease you a replacement system until the repairs are complete. This means that you can continue to provide care for patients without extended interruption.

All the documentation you need

Compliance is key. As such, part of the Dentalair Utilities service is ensuring that your air supply remains compliant and in perfect working order.

The team will check air qualities and supply you with an Air Quality Certificate that you can use for CQC inspections. This is proof that you have performed due diligence doing everything in your power to confirm that you have a sterile, medical-grade supply of air available in practice.

Dentalair Utilities will also provide an ongoing written PSSR scheme of examination. This essential piece of documentation is a must-have for inspections.

Flexible payments with no fuss

Air to the Chair offers you an easy, stress-free way to pay.

You can choose contracts of 36 or 60 months. Both of which you can adapt any time should the number of chairs you need an air supply for change. Plus, there are no credit checks required and no capital outlay. It’s really about treating your air supply like your electricity or gas.

This way, you can guarantee that you have everything covered by the experts. All without the need to keep on top of multiple different payments and different companies.

A revolution for you and your air supply

In the end, Air to the Chair is an option unlike any other.

Not only does it completely take care of your air supply. Air to the Chair frees up a significant amount of time. It removes the worry and stress of keeping on top of maintenance and breakdown. This means that you can invest this time where it should be – providing exceptional patient care.

To start your Air to the Chair journey, visit today!

For more information, please visit, contact Dentalair Utilities at [email protected] or call 0800 975 7530.

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