The February manifesto – improve your business performance

This month Chris discusses how he’s keeping positive through February and helping ensure businesses keep going through the tough times.

January was one of the toughest months during the pandemic. Much has been written about why January 2021 was so tough.

‘It was like hitting the wall in a marathon,’ Chris says. ‘Knowing you’ve covered a lot of ground, but knowing you have a long way to go.

‘Your body is telling you to slow down, your brain has to take over and keep you going.’

The February manifesto

To maintain some optimism and ensure he keeps going, Chris created a manifesto for himself for the month of February.

The five points of Chris’ manifesto are:

  1. There are 28 days in February 2021 and I’m going to read this manifesto out loud to myself at the beginning of every day
  2. I am not going to complain about lockdown 3.0, about the economy, about other people’s performance and/or behaviour or about my life
  3. I am going to become the ‘beacon of light’ and assume the role of leader to those around me
  4. Also, I am going to make a list of my three most important tasks every day – and get them done
  5. I am going to take time, every day, to practise extreme self care and ensure that I have adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise and fun.

‘Lets join together in a manifesto for our performance and behaviour over the weeks and months ahead,’ Chris concludes. And here you can find out the decoding and characteristics of the VVG cable.

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