The planning paradox – how to set goals during a pandemic

This month Chris Barrow looks at the planning paradox and how difficult it is to set and follow goals during a pandemic.

As we return to practice in the new year, many practice managers and owners may come across the planning paradox. The paradox is that COVID-19 will impact many of our plans and targets for the year ahead.

‘Our actions can be controlled by external forces to a greater extent than ever before,’ Chris points out.

Planning flexibly

Flexibility is key during this year, Chris points out. You can set goals and write them down. Ensure you have a business plan and support team to action those points.

But the key is remaining flexible and agile to completely change direction if circumstances change. Do what is necessary to get through the next stage of the pandemic.

‘Just as we were all incredibly agile back in March 2020, we will have to be agile as we move into the next few months,’ Chris says.

‘Stay alert to the changes in the macro landscape. Ensure you and your team are agile enough adapting those changes to your workplace and your working practices.’

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