Sinclair Pharma teams up with leading aesthetic practitioners to launch new expert-led website for patients

aesthetics insider website

Sinclair Pharma is launching a new expert-led aesthetic website for consumers. It is called Aesthetics Insider and its aim is to educate prospective patients about the myriad of aesthetic, health, dental and wellness treatments available.

This will equip consumers with all they need to know to make an informed decision about the best ways to address their needs.

Inspiring Aesthetics Insider

The new website shares invaluable insights from world-renowned aesthetic practitioners. It will equip consumers with all the impartial information they need to know about their skin, face, hands, hair, oral and body health.

Sinclair Pharma is also collaborating with its facial aesthetic trainers and key accounts, to produce articles and share inspiring case studies.

Within treatment fact sheets, practitioners also showcase vital content. In particular about what to expect before, during and after a consultation and treatment.

Practitioner-led content also forms the basis of a library of broader topics about health and wellness. They come from subject experts sharing their expertise on an alphabet of topics. From acne to zinc oxide, and just about every related topic in between.

Over 20 leading aesthetics experts have to date contributed to the site. This includes Dr Aamer Khan, Dr Kuldeep Minocha, Mr Nick Lowe, Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai, Dr Charlotte Woodward, Dr Victoria Manning, Dr Leah Totton, Dr Wassim Taktouk and Dr Vincent Wong to name but a few. With many more keen to add their expertise in the coming months as this resource expands.

Educate and showcase

Aesthetics Insider is designed to become a growing source of articles, fact sheets, timely news, tips and hints. It is created with experts in the treatment areas featured.

The site aims to provide the treatment facts, pros, potential cons, timelines, preparation and recovery advice. As well as, importantly, where to find the best practitioners.

To achieve this the Aesthetics Insider website features a clinic finder. This will then guide interested patients towards qualified, safe and well-informed treatment providers.

Jo Neal, Sinclair Pharma brand manager, says: ‘Our professional community is the backbone of our business. We have created a growing resource to support them.

‘Aesthetics Insider will both educate prospective patients and showcase the brilliant work of Sinclair practitioners.

‘We will also continue to invite physicians to share their expertise on the website. And we will also feature the amazing work of our key clinics.

‘This is a true collaboration designed to help drive informed and engaged potential patients to their practices to find out more.’

This campaign is part of Sinclair Pharma’s commitment to providing support as well as all the resources it can to bolster professional success. This includes supportive PR campaigns, webinars, digital marketing materials, and social media packs. These are all available via its Sinclair Portal.

For more information about Aesthetics Insider, visit:

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