Evodental creates a ‘virtual reality open day’

Evodental, whose clinics specialise exclusively in full arch dental implant rehabilitation, has created a virtual reality open day to promote the launch of its ‘Evoexperience’.

The video, shot using a 180-degree camera, allows viewers to look around whilst it’s playing. It therefore shows what takes place at Evodental over the course of a full day.

The six-minute video breaks down each step of the ‘Evosolution’. It features the patient’s surgery, the tech team milling the prosthesis on-site and the patient’s emotional response to seeing their new teeth for the first time.

Evodental’s Evoexperience

The video is part of the company’s ‘Evoexperience’. This will see Evodental open its doors to external clinicians who want to learn more about what they do. As well as the full possibilities that full arch dental implant rehabilitation offers.

The Evoexperience, which you can book via the ‘For Dentists’ section of Evodental’s website, forms part of its newly launched Evoinstitute; a completely free-of-charge education programme designed to encourage networking between dental professionals in a symbiotic way that benefits all.

Rudi Mukherjee, clinical director at Evodental introduces the video. He says: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled to launch our new Evoexperience and Evoinstitute. A free-of-charge education programme like this, aimed particularly at dentists newer to the industry who want to expand their knowledge and skill set, has been needed within dentistry for several years now.

‘We can’t wait to welcome dentists in so that we can show them the life-changing work we do here. And so that we can demonstrate the potential of full arch dental implant rehabilitation.

‘To begin with though, we hope everyone enjoys our six-minute teaser of what they’ll experience on the day!’

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