Following the lead – are you tracking the right data?

campaigns Don’t waste money on campaigns when you have no idea if they are going to work, says Michael Leach.

What do I believe to be the most important focus when marketing your business? Data and results.

How can you increase your practice growth if you do not analyse the correct data?

Many people will focus on metrics that are just not that important, but they have been led to believe that they are.

All your data and reporting should be focused on the journey of that new lead. Where did they come from? Did they become a new patient? If not – then where did it go wrong?

Once you have this level of visibility it becomes extremely easy to restructure your lead generation and conversion process to help you maximise your new patient intake and minimise those prospects that fell through the cracks.

Are you tracking the right data?

Over the last 12 months I have been working with a select few clients to develop a reporting dashboard that enables the practice to track all leads that come through but more importantly provides us with real time data on their entire lead generation and conversion process.

With a simple click we can see what value of leads are at each stage of the buying process. We can identify any blockages to the lead flow and see what treatments are producing new patients.

This dashboard then gives us the power to recommend immediate changes in pay per click budgets and campaigns. You know as well as I do that just because someone enquires about composite bonding does not mean they will end up with composite bonding.

With these new insights we can identify if that bonding campaign is actually leading to more high value ceramic veneers patients and then adjust the pay per click spend accordingly.

Not only that, because we can see data at an individual lead level we can easily identify if a lead has been followed up correctly and when the next contact will occur. That makes accountability so simple and stops new prospects from falling through the cracks.

Taking things to the next level

One of the important decisions made during the initial lockdown period was to reduce Google pay per click spend. We then observed and tracked changes in the cost per clicks for high treatment related campaigns.

This enabled us to make quick changes to our client campaigns. We ensured that they were able to take advantage of the much lower spends. Without that focus on the right data we would not have been able to make these value adjustments that had such a significant positive impact on our clients when they needed it most.

Unfortunately, not all practices out there had someone to report on the right data. They ended up wasting hundreds of pounds on campaigns that simply were never going to work.

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This article first appeared in Aesthetic Dentistry Today magazine. You can read the latest issue here. 

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