Dentistry Online podcast with Awais Ali

Awais AliIn this week’s episode, we hear from dentist and filmmaker Awais Ali and why he believes film and dentistry go hand in hand.

Founder of Film Dental, we discuss where his passion came from, his favourite projects so far and what he hopes to do for the profession.

‘In this digital age, there’s so much noise online,’ he says.

‘How do you become unique? And I thought: “Okay, not many people are doing video. Why don’t we do more of it?” It’s a great way to communicate with patients.’

Listen to the podcast on SpotifyCaptivate or below.

His latest film, Patience, was released yesterday on his channel Familiar Face Awais and can be watched here 

Podcast topics include:

  • Getting started
  • How film fits into dentistry
  • Starting up his business
  • Challenges to date
  • His plans for the future
  • The mannequin challenge at dental school
  • Opportunities for the profession.

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