Revise Dental – innovative e-learning platform for dental students

Student using revise dentalSumeet Sandhu introduces Revise Dental and explains what the group was set up for and what it hopes to offer dental students.

COVID-19 has created an unsettling and unprecedented ripple effect on dental practice and education. As practices and universities work hard to adapt during these times, the opportunity arose to share an online resource. A resource that supports this hard work and eases students anxieties around self-directed learning.

Our medical counterparts have established online resources. As dentistry resources grow, reliable go-to sources for undergraduate learners are hard to find. Particularly when students feel lost or overwhelmed.

Each member of the Revise Dental team bring their own qualities. Whilst working efficiently together with the common goal to provide undergraduates with a reliable SDL learning resource. Now is a time to pull together and share; the more we do so, the better our care for future patients.

What is Revise Dental?

The team set up a non-profit, evidenced-based, e-learning platform called Revise Dental ( The site aims to provide a reliable source for students and all dental professionals, covering the fundamental concepts of the dental degree. Additionally, created by students, it directly caters and understands where students’ anxieties and needs lie in relation to dental education.

The site uses the General Dental Council’s ‘preparing for practice’ learning objectives to ensure it includes key principles of the undergraduate degree, enabling thorough learning. It also references all resources used and provides further reading to assist self-directed learning.

In addition, clinicians have come forward to take part and aid the learning of our future professionals. So far, many clinicians have offered their support by providing Powerpoint lectures, experience videos and answering questions from the Revise Dental community. This has been termed ‘premium content’ and requires students to sign up to the site, gaining free access. But we do encourage charitable donations.

The charities we support are the BDA Benevolent Fund and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Since launching in May, the site has raised around £200 and endeavours to increase this. The site relies on students and clinicians to make voluntary donations via the ‘Charities’ page, and appreciates anyone who does so.

There’s more

The Revise Dental Community is where clinicians and students alike can come together to share knowledge and further each others’ learning. Students are also encouraged to get involved by creating lesson content, teaching others or sharing their tips and experiences. This area creates hope to inspire students to share their knowledge and skills with one another. Especially in a time where interactive group learning is limited. This also provides them with the opportunity to develop their own skills in communication, teaching, teamwork and more.

The scope of student opportunities has allowed other healthcare professionals to take part (encouraging inter-professional engagement). Namely medical students, pharmacists and nutritionists so far.

The future

The site and its community continues to grow and has had recognition worldwide, reaching as far as Australia! It is a key example of adapting to the COVID times and pioneering online dental teaching.

The team would like to aid student learning during and beyond COVID times. We have many more exciting plans for the site, including catering for all types of learners and helping even more people across the globe.

As we are non-profit, we have sponsorship opportunities for those interested in supporting the initiative.

Ultimately, the team would like to encourage the distribution of knowledge amongst students and clinicians. This allows our profession to grow and improves our practice.

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