Andrea Ubhi meets Jonathan Fine

Dr Andrea Ubhi talks with Jonathan Fine, and asks about business strategies in light of COVID-19. What does he think the future may hold, and what is the big advice that he is giving his clients at the moment?

In this blog, Jonathan will discuss how to take charge of your destiny. He then explains how to start running your practice as a proper business – and gives top advice about how to begin to do this.

Andrea asks what the new normal will look like. She also highlights how dentists are going to need to reinvent themselves to thrive in the future. Cost bases are changing.

Jonathan discusses how dentists have mainly been living in a charmed business world. They have great revenue and also good profits – which is unusual in commercial business. However, dentists have a habit of not looking too hard at the bottom line. The future is going to change and associate percentages are going to drop dramatically. Costs are going to rise and the small business costs are going to become important.

Jonathan discusses how this is going to affect associates in particular.

Just want the takeaway advice? Don’t be a victim. Take charge.

Who is Jonathan Fine?

Jonathan Fine is a business management consultant. His company, Fine Company, works with approximately 150 private practices in the UK and Ireland. Jonathan is a marketing strategist and entrepreneur with a big group background. He has delivered projects for BMW, Tesco, Orange, Nestle and IBM, among many other global brands before specialising in dentistry.

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