3D printing for your lab, on your terms

p seriesStraumann introduces its Cares P Series – the perfect next step into the world of 3D printing for dental labs.

Anyone working in the dental technology field will be aware of the buzz around 3D printing. The latest solutions offer exciting opportunities for dental labs to expand their services. All through the delivery of top quality and highly accurate products, in less time and also with greater predictability. Such solutions have the potential to revolutionise your workflow, driving the profession into the next generation of manufacturing.

As the technology evolves, it is also becoming more accessible to more laboratories. There are more solutions on the market to meet the demands of different businesses. With many now becoming more affordable and user-friendly at the same time.

One series, for every lab

Regardless of size or previous experience with 3D printing, the Straumann Cares P Series offers the perfect next step into the world of 3D printing. Fast and professional, the flexible portfolio will give you full control and meet your unique needs. All without compromising on the premium results that are synonymous with all brands associated with the Straumann Group. Whatever printer you choose from the P Series, you’ll see increased productivity and profitability, plus shorter turnaround times.

The Straumann Cares P20+ is a great entry-level printer for dental labs. It has plug-and-play features – just switch on and go – for ease of use and maximum convenience. Requiring a minimal investment, you will also get superb functionality and reproducible precision in one compact unit. For those labs that need a smaller unit, the P20+ cartridge is an even more economic option for boutique labs. Saving space and on your inventory, this is therefore a professional solution that will produce high-quality results.

For medium-volume production, there’s the Straumann Cares P30. This unit is semi-automated, making it fast and efficient and, because it can cover a broad range of indications and applications, it is flexible too. The Straumann Cares P40 is perfect for higher volume printing; a reliable piece of technology that can handle larger workloads with maximum efficiency, reproducibility and also precision.

Completing the portfolio are the Straumann Cares P wash and P cure. The P wash provides fully automated, digitally-controlled cleaning in just 10 minutes, reducing the technician’s contact with any sticky resins and cleaning liquids. And the P cure automated curing and finishing solution is designed to give all your products that final touch, with precise wavelength of light emission ensuring a consistent and predictable result.

The P Series

With the Straumann Cares P Series, you can join the world of 3D printing on your own terms, with a printer that suits you. The P Series offers a new dimension in 3D printing, enabling every lab – regardless of size or current 3D printing capabilities – to expand its services and deliver accurate, quality products to partnering practices.

To find out which solutions in the Straumann Cares P Series is right for you, visit the website and contact the team today.

Discover all Straumann Cares digital solutions for dental labs at www.straumann.com/en/dental-professionals.

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