Smilefast: a new delivery concept in delivering affordable smile makeovers

Thomas Sealey and Olumide Ojo discuss how Smilefast can help give your patients affordable smile makeovers.

How do we improve the quality and consistency of cosmetic smile makeovers?

Smilefast is a new concept that brings together the three essential facets of modern cosmetic dentistry:

  • Orthodontics
  • Ceramics
  • Composites.

By informing and guiding the treatment planning, Smilefast cuts out a lot of the time-consuming work load for dentists.

How does Smilefast work?

Smilefast uses the latest 3D technology to simplify the process.

All the dentist needs to do is take photos, and Smilefast will then design the smile and treatment plan. Plus it provides all treatment materials too.

It’s all possible due to an ingenious stent, which allows you to place custom-designed composite veneers for the front six teeth in one application.

The stent massively reduces treatment time and in some cases patients can be seen in under an hour.

Dentists are therefore able to offer more cost effective smile makeovers to all their patients.

It’s one concept with three solutions – orthodontics, ceramic restorations and composites.

‘It’s is all about the design,’ Dr Mide Ojo says. ‘Many will be competent at seeing the end result, but some dentists don’t know where to start. We can help design it. Once it’s designed, we can refine the smile using a trial smile.

‘Then we align, ideally it’s best to put the teeth in the right position first before we restore them. Afterwards you can go to the direct stage of restoration or the indirect stage.

‘The concept is to develop a solution for every dentist and make the solution as simple as possible.

‘To reduce the clinical time required for each case and make it more profitable. Use digital concepts and techniques to make it possible.

‘And finally to teach dentists how to do it themselves.’

To find out more about Smilefast, watch the video above.

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