From endo to resto – SDR Flow+ ensures no gaps in your treatment workflow

Dentsply Sirona explains why SDR Flow+ can help improve your restorations.

Restorative and endodontic workflows are inextricably linked when it comes to the restoration of a tooth that also requires root canal therapy. After successful obturation of the root canals, it is essential to achieve a tight coronal seal over the top of the root to prevent any oral bacteria contaminating the gutta percha and allowing endotoxins to work their way down to the apex. An insufficient seal can cause complications such as coronal microleakage and apical periodontitis and ultimately the failure of any restoration placed on top.

Therefore, in order to ensure a successful seal, it is essential to place the core build-up immediately after obturation. It is also the best time for the clinician to place the build-up as it is at this point that they have the best knowledge of the anatomy, curvature and angulations of the canal. Also, the rubber dam is already in place and thus the immediate build-up becomes an extension of the endodontic seal rather than a separate addition during the restorative treatment.

A versatile bulk-fill material for many indications

For direct restorations, a bulk fill composite base material such as SDR Flow+ (smart dentine replacement) from Dentsply Sirona can be used as an efficient core build-up material as well as the bulk fill material for the restoration itself, reducing the number of materials required and usefully simplifying the process.

Outstanding cavity adaptation: SDR Flow+’s unique chemistry gives it excellent flowability, which ensures that it flows easily and self-levels, adapting to the cavity and filling all the nooks and crannies to achieve outstanding cavity adaptation and marginal integrity.

Extremely-low shrinkage stress: the smart technology of SDR minimises the risk of gap formation through shrinkage and stress during polymerisation and ensures excellent adaptation even in 4mm bulk placement. After endodontic treatment, the 4mm depth of cure of SDR Flow+ makes it a fast and easy alternative for core build-up. The SDR technology can deal with these high C-factor cavities, which have high shrinkage stress potential, and deliver a tight coronal seal.

Efficient: the bulk placement of 4mm at a time reduces the need for layering and can therefore save clinicians up to 40% of the treatment time, especially as it only requires 20 seconds to cure (universal shade) and it can often be used without an additional liner.

A wider range of indications: the latest iteration of SDR Flow+ is available in more shades, which means it can be used in a wider range of indications than any other flowable material, including for visible class II restorations, primary posterior dentition, class III and class V restorations.

With such a versatile material in their toolkit, restorative and endodontic clinicians can minimise the likelihood of gaps, which would ultimately lead to restoration failure and – where the coronal seal is compromised – complications such as apical periodontitis.

Used as part of a suite of products designed to work as an end-to-end solution, SDR Flow+ is a vital element that ensures there literally are no gaps in the treatment workflow from endo to resto!

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