Five reasons for becoming an implant dentist

Colin Campbell lists five reasons implant dentistry can be a great thing to get involved in.

Firstly, let’s get the money thing out of the way. The ability to earn huge sums of money in implant dentistry, as was the way in the early 2000s, has been lost to all but a very few practitioners.

The reality going forwards is that implant dentistry (done very well) can provide an excellent living for people, but first they have to train hard, invest considerable amounts in themselves and work very, very conscientiously to build a following of patients and practitioners who can help.

Why would you do this, and why would you want to when it’s also possible to make lots of money providing NHS dentistry?

1. It’s fascinating

It’s a wonderful combination of science and healthcare with boundless opportunities to learn new things and go to different places to see new things.

If you plan to work until well into your 60s, there are worse things you could do than focus your mind on trying to be good at implant dentistry and learning as much as you can.

2. You get to meet amazing people

Not just from the patients that you meet (who are often utterly amazing) but the colleagues you can meet within implant dentistry and the places you can travel to learn, it’s a joy.

A wonderful group of people, many (most) who are very ethical, honest and interested in providing the best possible work for their patients.

3. Designing a new service

It gives you the opportunity to design a new service, taking more time with patients, spending time getting to know your patients and also planning your cases outside of surgery.

Therefore giving you a more rounded approach to clinical work including administrative time, planning time away from patients which forms part of your working week.

4. The opportunity to get out of surgery for some of your week

In implant dentistry you will be reporting CBCT scans, digitally planning cases, reading up on the latest techniques and writing reports.

This forms part of your week and can build part of your patient’s implant treatment, which allows you to get your nose off the grind stone and reduce your clinical sessions.

5. It’s just fantastically enjoyable

If someone will pay you to work in a job like that then it won’t feel like work at all.

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