The Cavitron ultrasonic scaler meets Intego

Innovative Intego treatment centres from Dentsply Sirona are now available with integrated Cavitron ultrasonic scaler technology, a pivotal feature in maintaining the periodontal health of patients.

The problem of peri-implantitis

In implant dentistry, peri-implantitis is a growing problem as many more patients are treated with dental implants. It’s an infectious disease that causes a destructive inflammatory process in soft tissue and bone loss around an implant. Excess cement, mechanical stress and poor implant design can all contribute to the problem.

Microleakage from implants, particularly those with an external joint, can contribute to possible implant infection. Implants with an internal conical joint to seal the interior of the implant, such as Dentsply Sirona’s Astra Tech EV and Ankylos systems, can produce a far healthier soft tissue response to assist in predictable restorative results.

Disease prevention

Ultrasonic scaling is recognised as being pivotal to stopping the progression of periodontitis and peri-implantitis. That’s why Dentsply Sirona has expanded its Intego treatment centre range to include the Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling System with the Steri-Mate 360 handpiece, offering everything necessary for professional dental care.

The Steri-Mate 360’s rotating handpiece is detachable and autoclavable, providing ultimate control against cross-contamination while allowing operators to keep their wrist in a neutral position for a more comfortable user experience.

Flexible treatment

Dentsply Sirona offers two variations of the Intego range: the over-the-patient configuration of Intego TS and the Intego CS delivery system with whip arms and a wide range of treatment positions.

Oral health care with Intego is the ideal choice thanks to features such as a double articulating headrest, external device connection, a multifunctional syringe, maintenance-free electric motors, LED operating lights and now, the integrated Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler.

The Intego Pro ambidextrous model features an integrated infection prevention system and automated cleaning functions whilst Ergomotion provides synchronised movement of the patient’s spine with no readjustment of the headrest. The unique rotation mechanism makes it possible to convert from right-handed to left-handed operation within just 15 seconds, making it very flexible, particularly in group practices.

Systems ready for the future

Intego treatment centres are designed for the technical requirements of the future. A network interface in the dental chair and USB connections in the dentist’s Element enable digital updates plus the use of additional applications with an intuitive user interface provided by the Easytouch touchscreen.

Combining modern, ergonomic design with Cavitron, the exceptional infection prevention concept makes Intego fully equipped for every clinical need whilst being optimally prepared for long-term use into the future.

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