The latest courses available from the Bedford Dental Academy

The Kimbolton Dental Practice introduces the Bedford Dental Academy and some of the courses that it will be running over the next few months.

As well as operating as a thriving dental surgery, we also run the Bedford Dental Academy a continuous professional development centre for all the dental team. Continuous professional development is an integral part of our training, courses and training sessions are held regularly. Please see some of our courses below.

Hands-on – tooth wear management for GDPs

Held on Friday 15 February this course will be hosted by Sandip Popat and provide six hours of CPD.

Learning objectives

  • Reaching a diagnosis
  • Knowing when to intervene
  • Management of localised anterior wear versus generalised wear
  • The Dahl concept – increasing vertical dimension
  • Restorations – preparation design, material choice, bonding
  • Conservative adhesive and conservative rehabilitation.

Hands-on – shaping canals with confidence

Held on Friday 22 February this course will be hosted by Julian Webber and provide six hours of CPD.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the biological and mechanical objectives of shaping canals
  • Appreciate the importance of glide path management and pre enlargement with the new reciprocating Dentsply Sirona Waveone Gold Glider
  • Use single file nickel titanium reciprocrating Waveone Gold instruments to confidently shape all canals
  • Predictably fill root canal systems efficiently with warm gutta-percha obturation techniques including Gutta Core.

Preparation of the root canal and its final shape is the cornerstone for adequate cleaning and effective three dimensional obturation, thus fulfilling the biological and mechanical objectives for success in endodontics. The use of nickel titanium mechanical endodontic instruments has changed forever the way we prepare our canals and their advantages are many. However, many colleagues are reluctant to embrace the technology on the basis that techniques are too complicated, too many instruments are required to achieve the desired outcome and the attendant cost of this is prohibitively expensive.

The Dentsply Sirona Waveone Gold file with its asymmetrical reciprocating movement advanced gold metallurgy, optimised tip diameters, tapers and an altered cross section has improved safety, efficiency and flexibility when shaping canals. In over 80% of cases only a single Waveone Gold file is needed to shape the canal, thus reducing the number of instruments  in any given sequence to an absolute minimum. Waveone Gold takes simplicity and treatment success to another spectacular level.

During the workshop delegates will learn the importance of glide path management and pre enlargement with the new Dentsply Sirona reciprocating Waveone Gold Glider and then confidently shape the canal with a single Waveone Gold reciprocating file.

A well-shaped canal is ideal for effective irrigation, 3D disinfection and obturation of the root canal system. Simplified three dimensional obturation of the root canal system is now available to all dentists. Gutta Core manufactured using cross-linked polymer chemistry is a core of gutta percha coated with gutta percha (unlike the plastic carrier of Thermafil). Participants will learn about this new technique as well as the use of Calamus Dual, a combined unit for down packing and backfilling of the root canal system with gutta percha.

For more information call 01234 675358 or email [email protected].

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