Delivering quality team education in 2019

Biohorizons supports hundreds of high-quality educational programmes globally each year, and the UK is no exception. To ensure dentists and their teams don’t miss out, Naomi Pleasants offers insight into the course scheduled for 2019 within the UK and Ireland.

With the wide range of implant courses and education partnership programmes offered by Biohorizons, every member of the dental team has plenty to choose from in 2019.

Whether your aim is to enhance specific clinical skills or pave a career within implant dentistry, Biohorizons has the solution to meet your needs and to help you accrue valuable enhanced CPD hours, as we partner with some of the most reputable and renowned speakers from all over the world.

New year, new opportunities

Getting started in implant dentistry

If you are a dentist looking to start a career in implants, ‘Getting started in implant dentistry with Dr Amish Raichura’, taking place on 2 February or 2 March in London, is the perfect taster day. It is ideal for those interested in a career in implant dentistry but need a little more grounding and affirmation before they take the plunge with an implant year-long course or MSc.

Implant year course

For those ready to move on to more involved training, David Murnaghan’s ‘Implant year course’ is not to be missed. The 2018 cohort is up and running and we have taken early action to meet the increasing desire for this course, setting dates for 2019-2020. Conveniently spread out over 11 months, the course allows you to view live surgery, as well as providing dedicated sessions for your auxiliary dental team and mentorship throughout and is great value. Opportunities are also available for you to treat your own patients, too.

Implant restorative course

For those wishing to develop restorative implant dentistry skills, Paul Swanson’s ‘Implant restorative course’ is scheduled for 7 to 8 June or 20 to 21 September in Liverpool. Whether you work in a practice that refers patients or have an in-house implant dentist, it is likely that you or a colleague may need to learn how to restore and maintain implants. This is the ideal course to gain confidence in those areas.

Mastering implant dentistry

Implant dentists interested in enhancing their surgical skills need look no farther than Jagtar Dhanda and Steven Hinchliffe’s ‘Mastering implant dentistry’. This course is an advanced three-day opportunity designed to build confidence around the facial anatomy and will cover everything from hard and soft tissue grafting and implant placement to more complex implant procedures. With three live surgeries and free parallel sessions for your nurse and dental technician, this course ensures the whole team is ready for more advanced implant cases. A few places are still available on the 18 to 20 January course, and registration has opened for the 26 to 28 July instalment.

UK Teethxpress

The UK Teethxpress course with Paul Swanson is scheduled for 14 and 15 March or 10 and 11 October, both in Liverpool. This popular event helps dentists and technicians develop their knowledge and understanding of the full-arch, immediate-load protocol.

Full-arch, immediate-load course

Presented by Pynadath George and with places available on 16 March, 11 May or 14 September, the ‘Full-arch, immediate-load course’ is intended to guide and consolidate the theory, concept and management of full-arch, immediate-load implant placement as a treatment option for the terminal detention.

Auxiliary staff training

Having the whole implant team appropriately trained is essential for a successful outcome for both patients and the business, so Biohorizons offers a series of courses for team members. This includes the ‘Implant workshop for dental nurses’ with Kasia Allan, scheduled for 9 February (Manchester), 8 June (London) or 18 September (Glasgow), and offers interactive presentations and workshops that aim to increase confidence and knowledge in implant dentistry nursing. There is also the ‘Specialist treatment co-ordinator course’ with Farisa Siddique and Monica Zagorska on 30 March and 29 June. Delegates will learn the important values and skills required for successful specialist treatment co-ordination, through a series of interactive training, presentations and workshops throughout the day.

Details of all these courses and the many others offered by Biohorizons are available at The Implant Hub, so please do log on regularly for the most up to date information.

We look forward to seeing the whole team in 2019; we have something for everyone when it comes to dental implant education.

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