Three in one solution – Iphysio: a game changer in implant protocol?

The Profile Designer Iphysio remains in place throughout the bone and gingival healing process, as well as the impression stage, you can temporise on it, it is only removed at the time you fit the final prosthesis.

A three in one patented solution

  1. Healing: its anatomic form fully meets with the morphology of the teeth to be replaced
  2. Taking of impressions: using digital or conventional technology, the taking of the impression directly on the Profile Designer avoids positioning errors linked to the placement of the impression coping. The implant position is restored in a very accurate manner
  3. The temporary prosthesis: resting on the Profile Designer, it takes the same shape as the prosthetic cradle up until the placement of the final prosthesis.

A simplified protocol

The solution is based on the study of the anatomy and simultaneous use of the digital chain, thus allowing for the establishment of a much more compact and rapid protocol, which respects the patient physiology: the Iphysio protocol.

Only one part required to do it all: healing, impression and temporary.

Homothety of the profiles between the Iphysio Profile Designers and the Esthetibase titanium interfaces.

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