The future of dental implants: grow bone faster with the V3 Implant

Established in 1995, MIS Implants continuously strives to uphold a simple concept: an excellent example of this is the V3 implant.

The triangular design of the V3 means less implant. Less implant means more room for blood pooling and vascularisation so that more bone can grow faster.

The triangular shape at the V3 neck provides high immediate crestal stability and maximum bone preservation.

Each V3 implant comes with a sterile cover screw and single-use final drill, suitable for all drilling protocols.

Pushing the envelope of today’s technological advancements means MIS Implants continuously explores new ways in which technology can take implant dentistry to the next level for optimal results.

From planning to 3D modelling and uniquely designed and patient specific surgical templates, and on through same day provisional restoration, MIS Implants is offering the patient a full smile solution with its one-stop-shop for digitally guided surgery.

The open frame design of the Mguide template allows for an open field of view during surgery, where anaesthesia and irrigation are accessible from all angles without removing the template.

The CAD/CAM design ensures the highest level of accuracy, while the lightweight template design is an added benefit for patient comfort.

Visit MIS Implants at theΒ Implant Dentistry Show on 26 January 2019 to learn more about the special approach to digitally guided implant surgery.

Also, visit www.mis-implants.comΒ for further product details.

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