At the endo the day – part two

Dr Ben Atkins, owner and clinical director of Revive Dental Care, relates how he came to the decision to review and standardise the endodontic offering across his practice group.

Why one way is the best way

In a practice with 12 associate dentists, there are many different approaches and techniques to contend with. Each dentist has their own distinct method of working, so to ensure a consistent level of service and quality in endodontics, I decided that it was necessary to introduce a uniform process and procedure across the Revive group.

Drilling down to create a methodology

With the help of Dentsply Sirona we developed a roadmap, whereby associates could follow a prescribed training programme, then be provided with materials and equipment and ‘authorised’ to carry out endodontics within our practices.

Developing the roadmap not only built my confidence in Dentsply Sirona, but also in myself and my ability to carry out endodontic work more effectively. The same increase in confidence has been mirrored in those associates who have undertaken the training. By developing a strong relationship with one manufacturer, both sides are invested in success and there is a mutual return on the investment made by both parties. This means less resource is wasted on a ‘mix and match’ approach.

The components of our roadmap include:

  • Dentsply Academy – training available via the Dentsply Sirona website. Each ‘how to’ video to be watched and understood
  • Attending a ‘lunch and learn’ – this session provided training on the app and how it impacts on endodontic outcomes. The app fully integrates into our software systems and when used effectively it will provide huge benefits
  • Endo day – each associate dedicates one day to endodontics. Although at the outset a whole day seemed excessive, it has proved very beneficial
  • Clinical day – an advanced learning day led by Dentsply Sirona’s clinical adviser. This enabled dentists to complete 20 endodontic treatments and has provided a springboard for further development and hands-on experience
  • Next stage – patient communication.

Associate challenges

As with any new initiative, there will always be early adopters and laggards. Two of my associates completed the training within a month. Ten months after its initial introduction 50% of my associates have successfully completed the training, 40% are part way through and 10% are yet to start.

The results

I know that I have benefited enormously from the training. I have found that the time it takes me to perform root canal work has reduced by half and my confidence in my own ability and faith in the tools and materials has increased hugely.

Results from the associates who have completed the training are very positive. They have gained confidence in the system and there is a greater understanding about endodontics from the wider team.

‘The morning was very successful and dare I say it, almost enjoyable. Having never been the biggest endodontic enthusiast, I was able to complete three separate RCTs on a mix of premolars and molars. The kits organised by Dentsply Sirona were fantastic. Each kit had all the necessary equipment to complete an RCT with rotary system, but also had added extras such as the Proglider file and SDR for restoring the base of cavities, which will be fantastic on private endodontic cases.’ – Dr Jonny Stevens.

Next steps

We will continue to work with Dentsply Sirona to develop an added-value offering that enables us to treat root canal cases and introduce treatments such as ultrasonic cleaning and SDR restoration. I am encouraging all my associates to complete the training, which will enable me to do a final cost/benefit analysis.  However, based on all early indications, this innovation is an unmitigated success.

Hear more from Revive associate, Dr Jonny Stevens, about his experience of the Dentsply Sirona roadmap and training in ‘At the endo the day – part three’.

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