Introducing Lunos – a new premium prophylaxis system

Dürr Dental introduces its new Lunos range of products.

The new premium prophylaxis brand Lunos covers a range of products that combine to form a cohesive system, offering unique advantages over existing products.

One example of this is the Mylunos powder jet handpiece. Its unique exchangeable chamber principle means the powder container can be replaced quickly and easily, avoiding the inconvenience of having to refill in the middle of treatment. Furthermore, surgeries can prepare enough powder containers for the whole day.

The powder jet handpiece also sets new standards in terms of reprocessing. All parts are thermally disinfectable and autoclavable. Together with the minimised clogging potential and ease of maintenance, this saves time, taking pressure off your treatment workload.

Mylunos works with various prophylaxis powders. The Gentle Clean variant of Lunos contains innovative new abrasive agents based on the non-carcinogenic disaccharide trehalose for gentle cleaning in the supragingival area and is available in three different flavours. Alternatively, there’s Lunos prophy powder Perio Combi for supragingival and subgingival treatments. The excellent water solubility of this powder enables safe, virtually residue-free dissolution in the periodontal pocket and suction system. Thanks to this, patients no longer experience the unpleasant grittiness typically associated with this type of product.

There are also two variants of polishing paste available. The abrasive particles in the Lunos prophy paste Two in One become smaller during the polishing process ensuring that coatings and plaque are removed without interfering with the surfaces of restorations. Even gentler polishing is possible with the Lunos prophy paste Super Soft. Its low RDA value makes it suitable for sensitive surfaces, for example on children or patients with implants. The prophy pastes from Lunos are also available in different flavours.

Also, included in the Lunos range is an alcohol-free rinse solution, a fluoride varnish, fluoride gel, and fissure sealant. Lunos is a new sub-brand of Dürr Dental.

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