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The dental field is undergoing a radical change. Your customers are demanding even more solution-oriented approaches and involvement. Modern digital technologies have become indispensable today but the amount of new solutions coming out makes it difficult to keep pace with the digital era, with the risk of getting lost in a labyrinth of new technologies. Is your team up to date enough to face future dental challenges?

Facing the future is a challenge, but it is possible to tackle it successfully:

• keep yourself up to date with new developments that can benefit your patients and businesses

• invest in smart and simplified technologies to boost the cooperation within the treatment team

• opt for innovative hardware and software solutions enhancing patient care and involvement

• empower yourself with high quality, life-lasting education: invest some hours of your valuable time for the future of your business.

Zirkonzahn, South-Tyrolean manufacturer and innovation driver for the dental sector, comes to the UK from 24- 27 April for a new lecture tour, with a live demonstration of the company’s special colouring technique for monolithic zirconia restorations. The conferences will be a great opportunity to ‘upgrade your knowledge’ by learning about the latest digital tools and major international trends in the dental field. The lectures will include a presentation of patient cases from digital patient analysis to the final restoration, with an in-depth analysis of the latest devices and software innovations. The speakers, with their wealth of ‘on-the-ground experience’ from working in the dental sector in the UK, will outline the latest digital tools available in the market, as well as the most important international trends aiming to tackle the dental sector’s future challenges. They will point out the advantages of continuing education and give you an insight on how they are helping businesses handle these growing challenges in the market place.

Empower yourself with new working methods and enrich your skills with new colouring techniques for your zirconia masterpieces! For more information about the lectures visit the website at

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