‘This articulator just feels right’

Beever Dental Technology’s owner and technical director Phil Reddington explains why he exclusively uses the Denar Mark 300 Series Articulator

Beever Dental Technology is a dental laboratory based in Leeds working with private dentists. The team is highly trained in implant and cosmetic dentistry, with clients throughout the UK and overseas. As a dedicated lecturer and trainer to dental technicians worldwide, Phil Reddington, owner and technical director at Beever, explains why they will always strive to use the best materials and equipment possible, and why he wouldn’t be without the Denar Articulator 300 Series.

How did you first find out about the Denar Articulator 300 Series?

We do some work for the Dawson Academy in the States and, while I was there, one of the dentists we work with asked us if we had a Denar 300. When I said no, he gave us one of his to try out. I immediately knew this was something we couldn’t be without in the lab – so within a matter of months I had bought five!

What was it about this model that was different to the previous articulators you were using?

They are so much more stable. With our previous articulators, when we were working on a case we always had to go back to that same articulator. However, with the 300 Series, it’s so stable that they just all transfer across perfectly with absolute precision. It doesn’t matter which one it’s been articulated on, it doesn’t need recalibrating.

And what is the benefit of that for you?

Time! Just the fact that we’re not having to get up from the bench and go to look for ‘articulator 6’ – and sometimes that would mean you’d be up and down three floors looking – is a huge time saver for us.

Can you give me an example of a recent case?

The case pictured above is a full upper and lower hybrid implant case. You can see you’ve got two full arches on the articulator.  Using the 300 Series for this case made everything stable. When you go through any movements with it, it does it in a very fluid motion. Other articulators, I’ve found, can feel a little bit rough as you’re sliding through excursions. Like they’re not following what you’re doing accurately and putting too much downward pressure. I don’t have any of those worries with the 300 series. This articulator just feels right in our hands.

I also love that you can just put them on the back, on the angle and they sit sort of facing you but tilted upwards, without you having to prop up the articulator on anything, and they rock back and stay stable even with two large models on them. Its stability is unprecedented when compared with any other articulator I’ve used and that gets a big thumbs up
from me.

Is that why you bought five so quickly?

Yes. When I tried the 300 Series, I instantly clicked with it. I really liked it and it made the other articulators that we used seem clumsy in comparison. I exclusively use the 300 now.

How do you feel about the new mounting plate?

The new mounting plates are a lot better. These are magnets, so there is no screwing in and out of the plates whatsoever, which, again, is a big time-saver.

Presumably this has impacted the way you work with your clients?

Absolutely. Previously I’d have to send the articulator, along with with the models, to the surgery. But now, if the dentist has got a 300 Series too, we don’t need to send ours out, because they don’t need calibrating like the other articulators did.

We will always strive to use the best materials and equipment possible. The Denar 300 Series ensures we are delivering on that promise to our delegates and our customers.

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