Ten questions to ask yourself before booking an implant course

Colin Campbell, director of The Campbell Academy, explains some of the key questions you should ask yourself before booking onto any implant course.

  1. Is there a practical element to the course, which will allow you to imbed your skills?
  2. Who are the faculty that teach on the course and what experience do they have in implant dentistry?
  3. Is it a multi-system course or a single-system course? Which are you looking for and which do you think would be best to suit your needs?
  4. Does it teach straightforward implant dentistry or more of a complex level and are you capable of this at this stage?
  5. Does it involve treatment on actual patients, which is mentored and safely guided?
  6. Is it research based or practical based?
  7. Does it explore the evidence of implant dentistry and teach procedures that are for competent individuals and not exceptional individuals?
  8. Does it look like fun?
  9. Is there interaction between any modules or are you left in the dark? Do you have the ability to enter into online discussion with other members of the group?
  10. Is it centred around mentoring and practical knowledge or is it centred around academic knowledge?

To find out more about The Campbell Academy’s Year Implant Course please click here.

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