Nobel Biocare and Kavo Kerr unveil new digital platform

In a joint announcement at the International Dental Show (IDS), Nobel Biocare and Kavo Kerr unveiled DTX Studio, a single digital platform connecting diagnostics and treatment for dental patients.

Due to launch in autumn 2017, these two leading dental innovators developed DTX Studio to revolutionise connectivity across the entire treatment team. Clinicians, radiologists, operators, assistants, hygienists and dental technicians are all set to benefit from this single software solution. DTX Studio will be accessible from multiple rooms in a dental practice on both Mac and Windows.

DTX Studio will be a modular solution, meaning users can select the diagnosis, design and treatment planning modules they need depending on their role and experience level. An open system, DTX Studio will connect to Kavo imaging devices, but will also allow import of images from any X-ray device, intraoral scanner or desktop scanner. A diagnostics module will offer a clear, clean interface with multiple work spaces to assist with accurate diagnosis. Tooth-position-based navigation will help the user to structure their findings.

For dental laboratories, the design module combines powerful CAD tools with an intuitive interface. It will enable the quick and easy design of the desired restoration, whether tooth or implant based. The current Nobeldesign software will transition to become part of DTX Studio.

DTX Studio will also make it simple for dental professionals to connect with their preferred production source. Options will include local production of models and provisional restorations with 3D printing and in-lab milling, with prosthetic frameworks, full-contour restorations and surgical templates available from a Nobel Biocare centralised production centre.

Dr. Pascal Kunz, VP product management digital dentistry, said, ‘By harnessing the combined expertise of Nobel Biocare and Kavo Kerr – two leading players within Danaher’s Dental Platform – DTX Studio will establish a new benchmark for connectivity in dentistry. Many dental companies claim to offer open, fully integrated workflows, but DTX Studio sets a new standard by truly connecting the various aspects of a modern dental professional’s daily work. While enhancing processes and access to high-quality products it also offers new possibilities and links to new technologies. It will make life easier and more efficient for the entire treatment team and, most importantly, support an enhanced treatment outcome for the patient.”

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