British toothbrushes six months old before they’re replaced

toothbrushBritish toothbrushes on average are almost six months old, a new survey from White Glo has revealed.

This is despite almost 90% of respondents placing a high value on a good toothbrush and government recommendations saying a toothbrush should be replaced every three months.

The survey also found that 79% of people don’t know what to look for when buying a new brush.

‘A toothpaste’s performance is very dependent on the toothbrush that is used to apply it to your teeth and gums,’ Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos, White Glo’s dental expert, said.

‘We don’t always know or feel when our toothbrush is no longer keeping our teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

‘Research shows that even the best toothpastes can’t protect and clean properly when used with a worn and old toothbrush.

‘This in turn can lead to increased staining and a higher risk of bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.’

Almost 90% of respondents to the survey place a high value on a good toothbrush.

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